College Student Kills Self After Being Forced to Explain Platitudes

A week after the Islamic terror attack in Westminister England, young Aiden W. Orthless decided to hold a rally called “Fight Hate with Love” at his college Portland State University. Aiden had claimed to miss a whole week’s worth of sociology and white privilege to plan for the big rally. AntiMSM sent a reporter down to get the scoop.

At the time of the rally there were hundreds of SJW’s filling the air with marijuana and folk music, however Aiden was nowhere to be found. After several hours of waiting and after most of the crowd had dispersed our AntiMSM reporter was about to pack it in. All of a sudden, a high pitched male-feminine voice came over the loudspeaker and said, “sorry I’m late everyone, I needed to make sure that this elderly couple checked their privilege.”

Aiden had finally arrived, but by that time the crowd had dwindled down to 3 people. It consisted of our AntiMSM reporter and a father with his young 10-year-old son, who happened to be walking through the campus to get some ice cream. This didn’t stop Aiden, who yelled over the loud speaker, “We Must Fight Hate with Love!”

Before Aiden could start his next statement, the young boy yelled out to Mr. Orthless, “How?”

Aiden paused and asked the young boy, “what do you mean how?”
The boy responded, “how does love stop hate?”

Aiden paused for a moment and responded to the young boy, with an arrogant smile, “well we must stop the hate against peaceful Muslims because diversity is our strength, and since violence never solves anything, we must stand up and fight another way.”

At the moment, each of the three individuals in the crowd had a question for the young progressive.

The young boys asked, “if you can’t fight with violence, how do you stop it? Also, why do you have a sign saying punch all Nazi Trump supporters, if you don’t support violence?”

The boy’s father asked, “If violence never solved anything, then what would have been the proper way of stopping Hitler and the Nazis?”

Our AntiMSM reporter asked, “Do you mean diversity of thought or diversity of race? Because wouldn’t you want Trump supporters if it was diversity of thought?”

Aiden was taken a-back for a moment and visibly shaken. Soon however, he was able to regain his composure and was able to continue talking, though didn’t answer any of the questions asked to him.

He said, “we don’t have a Muslim problem, we have a gun problem. And if you can’t acknowledge the facts, then your all just racist.”

Our AntiMSM reporter decided to see if Aiden still wasn’t taking questions by asking, “the most recent terrorist attack was with a car and a knife. Also, the attack was in England which has outlawed guns, so why do they keep getting attacked? Also, why is violent crime risen in all states and countries that have the strictest gun laws like Chicago or Mexico? And finally, why is it racist to question a religion, because Islam is not a race but an ideology?

Aiden quickly and angrily responded, “I knew you were a racist that hated Mexicans. Let me guess you’re some anti-government who hates the poor and wants all non-white people to leave America.”

Our reporter responded to Mr. Orthless, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll go home and think about your questions and you go home and think about the ones we asked you. I also want you to tell me what policy Adolph Hitler shared with Donald Trump and by contrast with Barrack Obama. Then we’ll come back in three days and talk.

Three days later Aiden was discovered next to a piece of paper that said violence is never the answer because….

Author: AntiMSM