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Several friends and I were absolutely sick and tired of watching the mainstream put their liberal twist on everything they said. We decided that we would make a website that pulled from live news sources that didn’t follow the mainstream media formula. After sometime, we started a blog portion that me and my two companions write for.  We managed to attain a good amount of followers and came to the conclusion that we would like to have a professional help with the website because we have very limited skills in website design. We also want to be able to start a podcast and hire some writers that could help us improve our site. Our goal isn’t to make money, but to inform people that there is media out there that doesn’t have liberal propaganda attached to it. We think that providing a main hub that connects people to all the other non-biased news sources, along with having some opinion pieces could really help. Though we enjoy writing, we would like to be able to pay more skilled writers. Also, we would like to hire a web designer to help us improve the site in both appearance and accessibility.

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If you have any additional news sources, suggestions, or would like to write for our blog please email us at antimsm123@gmail.com