Is There Any Benefit for Americans for Accepting Refugees?

In the past, American citizens used to vote for other American citizens to represent them in the form of government officials. These representatives would then be tasked with the job of providing policies and laws that would benefit the American people. Basically, do what they can to help the people that they represent. Somethings changed however, particularly with Democrats. Politicians no longer talk of what they’re trying to do for the American people, but lecturing Americans on what we need to do for the world.

Barrack Obama constantly lectures Americans on how we need to be compassionate to Mexicans south of the border, and the Syrian refugees. He touts that he is the moral compass of our nation and he will do anything in his power to take away American citizens tax dollars to give to these people. He wants to allow them to come live among us in subsidized homes because that’s what he feels is right.

This isn’t the job of our President, nor should it ever be. President’s should not push their own morals on others and force the people, whom they represent, to subsidize and adhere to their philosophy. The President or any elected official is supposed to do whatever is best for the American people and the American people only. They are supposed to use our money and resources only for the benefit of Americans.

With that in mind, is there any benefit for Americans to having massive Islamic immigration from Syria? Besides the obvious reason of making some people feel good and morally superior for accepting them, of course. There are numerous downsides which I’ll get to, but what are the upsides? Tucker Carlson recently had democratic strategist Nomiki Konst to discuss just that.

Basically, the only response Ms. Konst had for upsides were that there would be minimal downsides or a net 0 for accepting these people. But if there is no upside for Americans and potential huge downsides than why are we considering it? Why is it that if Democrats feel bad they want to burden Americans with a potential huge crisis? Democrats can easily set up a camp over in Syria where these refugees are protected, but they want to bring them here because they feel bad.

I can’t figure out any upsides to this proposal, so let’s look at the downsides:

  • Europe gave us a precursor to what could potentially happen with massive Islamic integration, and that is a substantial increase in rapes, murders, and terrorist attacks. Since Angela Merkel let in these migrants, Europe has been plagued with huge increases of these acts and 99.9% of the increases were due to the migrants. Islam, meaning submission, has strict rules about woman, homosexuals, non-Muslims, and are against many other freedoms that the west values deeply. Their culture is that of strict adherence to the faith and absolute hatred towards anyone who doesn’t agree. If you don’t think their culture is like that, please point to any majority Muslim country where it isn’t awful!
  • Americans will have to pay for the resettlement along with new education and training for these refugees. In the unlikely event that all 100% refugees want to live under pro-western values and don’t commit any terrorist attacks, it will still be a huge burden on the American taxpayer. We will have to pay for their new homes, entitlements, education, food, water and etc. until they are settled in, which won’t occur for at least one generation.
  • It will take away resources and jobs from our current population. Unemployment is not 0% here in the US and there are many current US citizens looking for jobs and can’t find one. Even if there are no terrorist attacks and the new citizens miraculously adapt very quickly in learning English, getting training, and finding jobs, they still will be taking away jobs from people here. In the beginning, especially, Syrians will be taking resources from our poor including welfare, education, training, and low-level jobs.


The United States has plenty of people here in the United States, that need help. So why do we have to import more problems if we can use those resources to help the people in need here.

Politicians have no right to give our money and resources away to people that aren’t Americans. We have millions of Americans who need help and politicians should only be focused on them. If there’s no benefit for us, then there shouldn’t be tax dollars going that way. If someone feels bad for these refugees, then they can send their money over to the Syrians but they shouldn’t force their morality on others! Especially when they will be allowed to sit in their ivory towers and not have to suffer the repercussions of their actions.

Author: AntiMSM