(Satire) Liberal Angry with Democratic Party for Not Being Clear Enough on How to Think

A young man who goes by the name, Gideon Bottomfeeder, has some problems with the democratic party and is demanding answers. “I’ve been a loyal and blind follower to the democratic party ever since I read my first Slate article last year,” Gideon said. “However, some conservative dirt bags keep calling me out about some hypocrisies that I have. Since I don’t have any original thoughts of my own, I need the democratic party to give me some guidance and reasoning of why I feel the way I do.”

Gideon is referring to the lack of explanation of why the democratic party doesn’t apply the same principles and logic to all circumstances.

We asked Mr. Bottomfeeder to give us some examples of some of the hypocrisies that he had a tough time defending. He responded, “well for starters, on the whole transgender issue, conservatives keep calling me out on two issues. First, they ask, “why is it that the sexual orientation of an individual is unwavering and can’t be changed but sex is easily transferable and changeable?” And secondly, they ask, “if woman and men think the same way because they have the same brains, then how can a man say he has the brain of a woman, if they are the same?”

I could tell that Gideon was getting flustered, as it was snack time at the local campus safe space, and he often gets cranky when he doesn’t get his snack. But we decided to pry a bit further by asking if he could name some other hypocrisies.

“I have so many stances that I can’t defend and the democrats won’t help me!” Gideon responded. “It ranges, from believing Christians are sexist homophobes but believing Muslims are peaceful and loving, to all cops are bad but only cops should have guns. I’ve even been criticized for demanding, on my blog, the end to big corporations because I wrote it on my IPad in a Starbucks. Gideon than said, “I have thousands of other examples, but I’m too exhausted to continue!”

Gideon is calling for answers now because he believes that there has been an uptick in people realizing the left’s self-contradictory ways. The uptick began when democrats demanded that conservatives accept the results of the election. However, when they election didn’t go their way, it was leftist who didn’t accept the results. Also some of the uptick could be due to leftist complaining about the right for fake news when they themselves have been the biggest perpetrators of fake news.

Before Gideon put on his beanie and strolled off to his weekly barista shift at the local coffee shop, he added, “the democratic party needs to realize that conservatives and non-progressives are becoming immune to being called racist, sexist, homophobes. If democrats don’t give us some answers to explain to others why we think the way we do, then we’re going to look like idiots!

Author: AntiMSM