Why the Progressive, “Divide and Conquer” Strategy Caused the Attack in Charlottesville and Why It Will Only Get Worse

When asking how about race relations in the United States, you may hear a response like, “it hasn’t been this bad since the 70’s.” I always find it strange when people say that. I find it odd that the two greatest divides among races, after the civil rights act, came at a time when Democratic Presidents were in office (Jimmy Carter and Barrack Obama). It’s not like the bad race relations in the 1970’s had remained that way for nearly 50 years. Race relations improved dramatically and only saw the riots and the great divide return, once Barrack Obama came into office. It wasn’t until the first decade of the 2000’s had passed, before the old chasm had crept back into American culture.

It’s not just black and white that are divided. Starting when Obama’s took office, men and women, gay and straight, rich and poor, democratic and republican, have been each other’s throats like no other time in history. One has to wonder, “why now?” Why, after we elected a black President, is the nation more divided than ever?

Anybody that truly understands Marxist ideology already knows the answer. In order to gain power, progressives have to divide up and pit people against each other (have vs have not’s) (oppressor vs oppresed). They do this for two reasons. First, it’s because when they convince certain groups that they are never going to get ahead because they are being held back, they can say, “give me power and I’ll give you what’s rightfully yours”. The second reason is to cause chaos and infighting, so people will look for order and stricter government. Basically, it convinces people that they can’t play nice on their own, and they need government to keep the peace.

In the past 8 years, the left has convinced large quantities of the black community that they have no chance of getting ahead because everything they do will be crushed by the white man. They’ve also managed to convince women, homosexuals, Muslims, transvestites, and most minorities that any misfortune that they have in their life, is not because of their decision making, but because straight Christian white males are holding them back.

Obviously, in the past, some of those groups have suffered actual discrimination and awful hardships, the most being black people. Also, some of the remnants of that historical discrimination and slavery are still part of the reason for the woes within the black community today. However, since the 1970’s, no country has been more equal in its treatment to all its citizens. No place has done it better, in terms of freedoms, opportunity, and the ability to achieve your dreams, then the USA. Yes, there is still some discrimination around, but it’s not institutional nor is it mainstream. Anyone that wants to make it here in the United States can. Your race, gender, sexual orientation, play very little role in the outcomes.

The people that were convinced of these false narratives, became angry. So angry in fact, that they were able to justify rioting, looting, and violence against their fellow American.

Since all whites were deemed racist, it provided a cover in plain sight for the true racist. Because if everyone’s a racist, then no one’s a racist. This angered people who, for the past 8 years, were told that they couldn’t say anything because their opinions didn’t matter. Or that they were evil and racist, even if they didn’t know it. They were told that everything they earned was because of white male privileged. And that their lives weren’t hard because of the color of their skin.

The violence against white people and conservatives hasn’t been covered much by the mainstream media. People who were born long after the civil rights movement, and never had committed nor seen any racism, were being told that the knock out game was because of historical discrimination and black angst. They watched as unprovoked black mobs, in Milwaukee, attacked white people, who were pleading for their lives. They witnessed the Dallas officers that were murdered by BLM. They were told that all those actions were justified, and the press never once called for Barrack Obama to disavow the BLM movement.

Violence against conservatives from progressives has gone down the same route. The left has convinced their progressive following, that it’s alright to attack conservatives because they were Nazi’s. Forget the irony for a moment, and really think about that. Antifa has been violently attacking conservatives for over a year. They are trying to stop speech they don’t agree with, through intimidation and violence.

All the aforementioned culminated into this weekend in Charlottesville. What occurred in Virginia was evil but a predictable outcome. A racist, violent organization was confronted by two progressive organizations that were also violent and racist (ANTIFA and BLM movement). When Antifa and BLM came down looking for violence and to shut down a legal protest (though racist and disgusting), it was evil. When that man rammed his car into a crowd, killing a young woman, it was evil.

Ten years ago, this wouldn’t have happened because these racist wouldn’t have been emboldened enough to do this. People would have jumped all over them much more harshly than now. Most conservatives (myself included) certainly think it’s evil and immediately scorned these evil fake conservatives. However, some people need to understand that they didn’t received as much condemnation, as they would have in the past, because the white male feels like he has no other shelter to be protected.

Because the left has refused to condemn such obvious evils from Antifa, SJW’s, BLM and other communist organizations, the right doesn’t want to condemn the evil on their side either. This is because the alt-right is confronting the evil on the left. Both sides are protecting these evil scumbags because they are too afraid to be left out in the dust and unprotected. They are too afraid that they’ll have no one to protect them, if either side no longer has an equally violent opponent to attack.

What both sides need to do is to condemn these groups and kick them out of our parties. Antifa, BLM, the alt-right neo-nazi’s, do not represent American values and if they are not condemned, we will fall further and further into the divide. Events like this weekend will become the norm

To the both liberals and my fellow conservatives. Those individuals down in Charlottesville are not conservatives and do not hold conservative values. Conservatives values are (all) free speech, small government, the constitution, and individual rights. We believe that American values are what makes America great, not race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We believe that anyone that upholds those values can make it here. We believe that America is better because of the ideas and principles it upholds, not the type of people that hold it.



Author: AntiMSM