The Left’s Desperate Attempt to Become the Gatekeepers of News Again

When I heard the desperate cries of leftist ranting about fake news being the reason they lost the election, I was stunned. How could the party that produced the rolling stone fake rape scandal, the New York Times blunders, and the liar Brian Williams, become enraged about fake news? How much more hypocritical can you be? Especially considering that leftist have the Huffington Post, Slate, Mother Jones, Salon, Buzzfeed and numerous other sites that have fed out far more fake news than the right ever has. How could the party that had its own followers proudly proclaim that they receive their news from the Daily Show and Colbert Report (self-proclaimed fake news shows) be so angry?

The hypocrisy of the left has always been very apparent, but this really struck a chord with me, because I didn’t understand their motive behind this push. However, when Mark Zuckerberg decided to hire leftist media checkers such as, Snopes,, ABC News, PolitiFact, and The Associated Press to fact-check our articles, to make sure we read what they thought we should, it became apparently clear. The left wants to be the gatekeepers of media again!

All the Facebook listed fact checkers, are left wing media propagandist, who brand everything the right says as fake and try to spin even the biggest left wing lies, as somewhat truthful. Facebook could have easily balanced out their fact-checkers by hiring Newsbusters, Accuracy in Media, or, but they only chose notoriously leftist fact checkers.

About 10 years ago, all the major networks would run a story and the facts were usually never disputed. The only media fighting on the right was Fox news, and the left was able to brand them as right wing nut jobs. But in 2016 the media landscape has changed. The right has come roaring back with numerous conservative news sites and people now have been introduced to a whole new view of news. Sure, some of the stories are fake, from both the left and the right, but now people will do their own research instead of just accepting everything as fact from CNN or MSNBC. When someone sees a story, they’ll research if they believe it’s fake because they’re not sure about the site. However, it used to be that all the news sites would agree, and nobody would bother researching anything that was said by the left.

This crumbling left wing media stronghold is just another progressive foundation that is falling before the left’s eyes. They were able to push forward their agenda through news, education, celebrity and culture.

Their indoctrination through education is floundering when compared to what it used to be. Because of conservative news sources, colleges have been exposed as left wing indoctrination centers. We know that Universities were indoctrinating kids into being mindless emotional zombies that follow the democrats platform lock-in step. People today also have many more options in pursuing higher education, because of online education, and the ability to learn and attain useful skills on the web . Also, the online paths are much cheaper than a traditional four-year degree, which has risen to astronomically high prices.

Celebrities and culture indoctrination has been exposed for what it is as well. Celebrities were mocked for doing those propaganda commercials for Hillary and many believe it actually hurt her campaign. People used to adore these ignorant narcissist, but now with more exposure to their personalities, it is becoming more and more clear that these people are nowhere near as intelligent or insightful as the characters they pretend to be. People also have many more options for entertainment, which means we don’t have to tune into Modern Family, as they try to introduce a transgender 8-year old, because there are other things to watch.

Which brings us back to news. This fake media outrage and attempts to stop it, will never stick. Facebook can block all they want but people are awakening to how much the left has had an influence on American culture. Now people want to see other points of view beside the left’s because they want to decide for themselves, and not be told, what is correct.

Progressives are scared because now they are going to be forced to answer questions that will expose their real principles. They’re scared because they have to answer questions such as, “why do we want big government if big governments always fail?” Or to the question, “why should people consider capitalism evil, when it has done so much good for the world?” They’re going to be questioned on the fake woman’s pay disparity, the welfare state, gun control in other countries, and numerous other things. They’ll have no response to why their principles and philosophy so closely mirrors that of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and numerous other horrible dictators.

The left was only able to attain power because of indoctrination of their views and suppression of opposing views. They were a few electoral votes away from gaining enough power, through Hillary selecting a supreme court judge, from achieving it permanently. But fortunately, they lost, and now they are losing their footing on what put them so close to power in the first place.

So, to my fellow conservatives, please don’t laugh at these poor little liberals, when they talk about fake news. Realize they are fighting for their party and principles, because actually arguing their stances is out of the question,

Author: AntiMSM