The Myths That Keep on Giving

If you decide to tune in to the outside world, through reading the news, watching T.V., or listening to the radio, you will be constantly bombarded with information that is represented as facts but are complete myths. Some of these myths are only myths because they can’t be proven true or false. But some are absolutely and verifiably false and can be proven false, but people still state it as fact. I’m not going to get into the major myths such as, socialism can work under certain circumstances. But some of the ones that politicians and the media alike keep saying are true but are not.

  • Women make $0.78 for every $1.00 that men make, for doing the exact same job- this argument has been going on since the 60’s and has been rebutted numerous times. Woman are paid $0.78 to $1.00 a man makes only when comparing the salaries of woman and men overall, not when they are doing the exact same jobs. It is a matter of choice, as more men have chosen to take higher paying jobs like engineering or riskier, high paying jobs, like crab fisherman. There is no evidence of woman working in the same occupation as men, with the same hours, and same output, are making less. Every time you say mention this fact to someone that is making that equal pay argument, they offer no evidence that you are wrong. They can’t point to one company that would do because, not only is it illegal, but it wouldn’t make sense. If you could pay a woman less for doing the same job and have the same output, no true capitalist would ever hire men. What they are proposing is that most business owners are so sexist that they chose losing money over hiring the cheaper person for the job. Below is a video of Thomas Sowell, having this same discussion with a woman all the way back in the 70’s.
  • Black people are dis-proportionally abused and sought after by police officers- Again, this has been rebutted numerous times and no one tries to rebut the rebuttal, they just keep repeating it as if they never heard the statistics and facts. The daily wire has an article by Ben Shapiro that sums up how this is not the case. For those of you too lazy to read the article, I’ll sum it up. Police officers shoot more whites than blacks at a rate of 1.3 according to a study conducted by John Jay College, and are more likely to shoot an unarmed white people than an unarmed black person under the similar circumstances, in a study conducted by Washington State University. Also, that blacks do get pulled over more, but are actually pulled over less often for speeding. Basically, it was saying that blacks got pulled over for speeding in a disproportionate amount to their population, however after a study conducted on the New Jersey turnpike, they actually represented a higher percentage of the speeders going 15 mph over the speed limit, compared to the amount of times black people are pulled over. Here’s another video where Ben Shapiro debunks more BLM talking points.
  • The Gun Control Myth- I can write a whole article on this, and I probably will. However, like my other two arguments, I’ll quickly say what is false and cite some articles. Guns are an asset because it allows people to protect their families from bigger stronger individuals and is a deterrent for a government to become tyrannical when their citizens are armed. Gun control advocates believe that if you take away guns they will reduce violent crime such as murders, robberies, and rapes. They always site England and Australia by saying that gun crime has went down, since they banned guns. Which may be true, but the point was to reduce violent crime, which increased in both countries. When violent crime did start to lower, they did not lower at the same rate as the rest of the world. The US at the same time, actually had violent crime reduced much more than the rest of the world. You can compare Texas to Chicago, or Honduras, and Mexico to the US. (both Mexico and Honduras have extreme violent crime that increased once guns were banned) The fact is, even if these myths were true, the benefits to having guns would still be greater than the losses that we take. But even worse is that the perceived benefits that we would get out of gun control, are verifiably untrue. I’d invite people to read further into the issue, but if you are someone who just wants assault weapons bans or loopholes close, please read the following article as my rebuttal. Also here is a video of Trey Gowdy debating gun control.


I can go on and on about myths that are touted as facts. Ranging from rape epidemics on campus, white privilege, the minimum wage added benefits, welfare, affirmative actions, to universal health care and it’s added benefits. People will always look up facts to verify their position, but these myths have so many statistics out there that it’s hard to argue for them. If you are well researched enough you can always get to a point where your opponent won’t have any rebuttal. Some of these myths have very little wiggle room and people advocating for them will usually just end up saying they don’t agree and don’t want to talk about it anymore.

What we need to do as a nation, both left and right, is start verifying these facts for ourselves, instead of just accepting what we hear as fact. We also need to start accepting facts that don’t support our opinion, if they are absolutely true. I am guilty of this sometimes and I am trying to be more conscientious of that. We need to try and be more objective to everything when analyzing the data and try to suppress are personal beliefs as much as possible. If we can do that, maybe these lies won’t be able to survive for years even with proof that they are false.

Finally, once we have our arguments, we need to make our voices heard whenever someone is trying to state these myths as facts. If you hear some feminist professor say that women are paid less than men for doing the same job, you need to confront them. You need to tell them that this isn’t true and show them where they are wrong. You may not convince the professor, but people listening will get to hear both sides of the argument and decide for themselves what to believe.

Author: AntiMSM