You Can’t Beat Subjectiveness

You’re racist, sexist, homophobe, jerk, idiot, and a transphobe!!! These are some of the words that the left uses that are all subjective terms and usually are brought up in every argument. Without using any facts or logic, this is their go-to when they can’t win an argument. They use this because they are words that automatically make you look like a bad person and de-legitimize you without having any proof. Though it is not fool-proof, I’ve found some useful tactics to possibly defend yourself in times of trouble and here are some suggestions.

  • Ask them to define their term. If you force them to define, for example, racism. Make them define the word so they have to prove exactly what they mean by it. If someone says you’re a racist, just reply: “are you saying that you think that I believe that my race is superior to one or more races? If not than say exactly what you think I am when you accuse me of this term.”
  • Make them prove it. After they define their word make them prove an example of something you said or did that fits that definition. Here’s where it gets tricky they will say something like, “It seemed sexist when you said that.” You have to instantly reply, “well I don’t care what it seems like. Using your definition, I am telling you that I do not believe that men are superior to woman. You cannot accuse me of something just because it seems that way, you have to give more evidence.”
  • Give an example of their logic. Accuse them of being something outrageous like a rapist, pedophile, or murderer. Then give your definition and then give a vague example of something that seems like they could be that. For example, “you said that boy in that video was funny, it just seemed like you were sexually attracted to him.” When you point out their logic is flawed they will try to say that their argument is different, just ask them, “How is it different?”
  • Remind them constantly of that example. Never let them get away with any subjective terms. Make sure that every time they say some vague subjective term as if it is fact, that you stop them and bring up your example used previously. People listening to the argument will realize how most of the foundations of the liberal argument is built on vague terms and doesn’t have any real substance.


Leftist constantly try to get you against the ropes by questioning your motive for every stance you take. You must never let them slip in any undertone of you being a a bigot, sexist etc. Because the exact moment they slide some false motive in, it instantly makes every additional point you make look invalid.

Thomas Sowell once famously said most leftist arguments won’t stand up to three questions, which are: compared to what? At what cost? What evidence do you have?

After fighting back a few times on their ridiculous accusations, the smug little progressive will begin to stutter and will become irrationally angry. Remember that you must never let up and it will expose their intolerance to differing opinions.Keep asking them the same questions and don’t let them change the subject.

You can choose to follow my steps or find your own way to negate the argument, but please never let them get away with calling you something that dehumanizes you and shuts down the argument.

Author: AntiMSM