Is Religious Morality Needed for a Free Society to Function?

Whenever there is a terrorist attack, honor killing, or some other form of Islamic extremism, I here from leftist “ban all religion” or “religion is the cause of all wars.” When they say that, it causes me to laugh and then shake my head in disgust.

First, I laugh because it’s funny that leftist are too afraid to directly criticize the one true culprit of 99.9% of the terrorist attacks, which is Islam. Leftist know the consequences that ensue after any criticism of Islam. So in order to be safe, they hide behind the facade that they are angry with all religions. That’s why you see them going after Christian bakers instead of Islam’s treatment of homosexuality and woman. It’s because they are cowards who want to appear brave but only want to yell out at someone who won’t hit back.

Secondly, I shake my head because they falsely claim that religion is the cause of all wars. That claim is absolutely ludicrous and has absolutely no facts to support it. What is even more insane is that it is easily verifiable to look up the recorded wars in history to verify if the majority of the conflicts were because of religion. If you look the major wars that took place as recently as in the 20th century, none of them were caused by religion but most of them were caused by socialism. The encyclopedia of wars allocates under 7% of all recorded wars were religious in nature and that it would only be 3% of wars if Islam never came about. Even the bible for leftist, the Huffington posts, agrees with these statistics. That means over 93% of the wars that have ever been fought were not religious.

A question that I ask myself is, why is the left ardently against any form religion? Also, why did the major socialist dictators like Stalin, Mao, Rouge, Castro ban religion and aggressively pursue people who didn’t follow the orders? And all of you that say Hitler was a religious Christian, there’s a lot of speculation that he wasn’t religious at all. Also, even if he was, it is widely agreed upon that his reason for war and the genocide of the Jewish population, was not religious.

Yuri Bezmenov, was a former high ranking member of the KGB propaganda machine, that fled to Canada in 1970. In the video below, Mr. Bezmenov explains why eradicating religion was so important when it came to coercing people to live in uniformity under a big state government. (If you have time I’d also recommend watching his hour video called psychological warfare subversion and control. It has very accurate predictions of what the left was going to do and why they did it.)

Before I discuss more about the importance of religion in a free society, I have to make some things clear:

1.) I absolutely believe in the separation of church in state.
2.) I think that all religions should be allowed to be practiced, as long as they are compatible with the constitution of the United States (Islam is fundamentally an adversary of the US constitution as is it essentially fascism disguised as a religion).
3.) I acknowledge that Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and other religions have numerous flaws and are nowhere near perfect.
4.) I don’t believe that atheist are bad or that if you don’t believe in God, you are be evil and uncivilized. Atheist are very valuable and are essential to society to remain vigilante when religions try to blur the line between church and state. Atheist are just as valuable as non-atheist in a civilized society.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about our society and that fact that religion was deemed necessary at the founding of our country. The founding fathers, had a radical idea of starting a country where there was a small de-centralized government that had an economy run on free trade and capitalism. They correctly asserted that the state and religion should be separated, but they believed that religion and morality were absolutely essential for this society to thrive. George Washington said, “of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.” John Adams said, “”We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion” and Ben Franklin said, “”Whereas true religion and good morals are the only solid foundations of public liberty and happiness.”

The founders didn’t think a free society could exist unless the society was moral and religious. Big government advocates, like socialist and communist, know this fact and that is why they push atheism and the idea that religion is evil. People always have an innate desire to believe in something. Big government knows that if you aren’t religious, a candidate or political system can fill the hole that religion has left. Your worship of the big government party and lack of value system will allow them to instill their value system and principles into you. That is why their was so much idol worship of Obama by the left. They acted like he was their lord and savior. The same hero worship was true for Stalin, Castro, Mao, Khmer Rouge, Kim Il-Sung, and other socialist advocates.

Eventually, after their idols have risen into power, people begin to realize that the utopia that was promised is not coming to fruition and they panic. However, the threat of death is too big of deterrent for most non-believers to rise up and revolt. To someone that doesn’t believe in an after-life, life is the only thing that matters. Life is their greatest gift because that’s all there is. Usually, the threat of being murdered is often too large of a sacrifice for an atheist. That crippling fear significantly reduces the chances for any major revolution to take place. That is why these dictators immediately begin to eradicate the churches and any religious thought. Because an uprising will be much less of a threat, especially when the next generation only knows of big government and nothing about religion.

Religion provides people with a morality and value that is essential for a free world to function. As Yuri said, 2+2=4 will not lead you to do the right thing. Basically, what Yuri meant was that facts and logic will never motivate you to, for example, hide Jewish people from the Nazi’s. It is generally only morals and values instilled by religion that will help you do the right thing, even with the threat of death. Morality also helps a free society not descend into complete debauchery. If people have no values or morals than capitalism can never work because deals and trade will devolve into simply who has the biggest guns and army.

It’s quite obvious that religion has numerous flaws and it is sometimes hard to believe in something like a god. But please remember that all American principles were based on the Judeo-Christian values and the founding fathers meant for it to be that way.

If you still don’t believe that religion is necessary for freedom than please answer the following question: If religion and morality wasn’t essential to freedom, then why do big government dictators and the current democratic left constantly push to suppress and eradicate it?

Author: AntiMSM